Monday, January 31, 2011

Flour - Wheat, White and in Between

I've finally found a type of flour that I like using for all my cooking and baking!  It isn't whole wheat - but it is close.  It is an organic, hard, red, winter wheat flour that is sifted to remove most of the bran - but retain the germ.  It is an amazing and versatile flour that I've been using in cookies and anything else that calls for flour.  That wheat germ is oh-so-healthy, and my baked goods don't have the whole-wheat grittiness.
I got the flour from a fantastic natural foods co-op called Azure Standard.  I paid less for this organic product than I would have for regular white flour at my local "big box" grocery store.  Here's a link to the product page:
This company is in the pacific northwest, but they ship UPS - as well as freight delivery.  Check them out.  And check out this fantastic flour!

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